How do I sign in? It doesn't seem to work?

Try deleting your cookies. We've made some changes that may require you to clear settings stored in your cookies.

How do I log out completely from Pictacular so I can log in as a different user?

Find the settings on the top right (gear icon), and click the logout button on the bottom of the settings menu. Then go to Instagram and click on Your Account on the bottom left. You will find the 'Logout' button on the menu on the left. Click that to completely logout of Pictacular so you can log in as a different user.

Can I upload photos to Instagram using Pictacular?

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to upload or post photos to Instagram. As a separate service, we do not have access to post Instagram photos on your behalf. Instagram as a company has not allowed 3rd party applications such as Pictacular to upload photos to their service.

How do I get more likes and followers?

Whenever you post photos, make sure you tell all your friends and social networks about your new photo. You can do that by sharing to Facebook and Twitter. Using Pictacular, you can also 'pin' your photos to Pinterest so that people on your Pinterest network can see the photo as well. Be sure to tag your photos so that people searching for photos can easily find your photo. You can also share your Pictacular page with your friends so they can easily view, like and comment on all your Instagram photos.

Why should I use Pictacular?

Pictacular is a really great way to view your Instagram feed on the web and iPad. Pictacular allows you to easily browse through multiple photos at once unlike the Instagram iPhone or Android app where you have to view one photo at a time. Pictacular also makes it really easy to pin your photos to Pinterest.

How to I find users to follow?

You can easily search for Instagram users using our user search feature. Simply click on the user search button next to the search on the top and type the name of the person you want to find

What are Channels?

Channels are a great way to find interesting Instagrammers to follow or just simply a great way to discover great photos. The Pictacular staff has curated some of the best Instagrammers out there and added them to their respective channels.

How can I be added to a channel?

If you consistently post amazing photos and would like to be added to a certain channel, email us at, and we will consider you.

How do I get my photos off Pictacular?

Pictacular is a service that let's you view Instagram content. We do not actually store any of your photos. Even if you discontinue using the Pictacular service, if someone who follows you on Instagram uses Pictacular, they will be able to view your photos as long as they follow you on Instagram.

My Instagram account is private. Will my photos be visible by other people?

Pictacular respects your privacy settings. If your Instagram account is private, your Pictacular photos will also be private. If you have allowed an Instagram user to view your private account, then that user will be able to see those photos on Pictacular.

Is Pictacular affiliated with Instagram?

Pictacular is in no way affiliated with Instagram. Instagram is a billion dollar company acquired by Facebook. Pictacular is a 3rd party application built on top of Instagram by 3 guys because we love using Instagram.

How does Pictacular make money?

Pictacular is a free service and we do not yet make money. However if you would like to support us, you can buy some Instagram related products from a few of our partners here.

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